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Welcome To The World Of Panchatatva Cosmetics where our herbal products give you a new lease of life!

Panchatatva Cosmetics & Herble Private Limited is a reputed skin care brand that is well-known for its wide range of  natural face packs. This company is owned by Mahesh Pyarelal Rai and was established in the year 2008. Panchatatva Cosmetics holds high reputation for manufacturing eminent quality face packs using the most advanced equipments in the market. Extracting raw materials from rare natural herbs, this company has set high quality standards for their products in the market.

Panchatatva's face pack is a revolutionary product in the market that is solely created using natural herbs. The unique formula in this face pack cures common skin issues like pimples and acne, dark circles, sun burn, black heads, pigmentation, wrinkles, freckles,  etc. in just 45 days. With over 2 lakh dedicated customers, this product is widely recommended for skin care all over the world. Dispatched after rigid experimentation and testing, this product has a longer shelf life and delivers effective results, when used as per the instructions. The face packs are available in different size packages and are suitable for all skin types.

45 Days is all it takes to get a beautiful glowing skin. Try it and then Believe!