How to use

Before going to sleep wash your face with any non chemical soap. If your skin is oily use Pears and if dry then Dove soap and apply the cream like a face pack covering even eyelids & round the eyes and over the lips (no harm to eyes & lips) leave it for 30 minutes. Then do light massage for 1 min, after that leave it over night. After you wake up in the morning wash your face with (Dove/ Pears) twice immediately. Apply every day till 30 days then alternate day till 60 days and after that you have to apply this product twice in a week to maintain the beautiful and even skin tone.

Tips to monitor the results

1) Before you start applying the product click two close-up pictures on your moblie. Every week you have to click a picture to check the improvement.

You can easily see the difference in every 7 days. After 4 week you can see the amazing changes in your face.

2) Don't stop after 30 days. Once the skin becomes very clean ,soft and clear you have to take more care of your face. so after 30 days start alternate day till 60 days.

2) Always keep the product in the fridge and take steam in every 15 days.

3) If your skin is oily use only Pears soap

4) If your skin is dry use only Dove soap