Distributor's Corner



Dear Distributor,

You’ve joined a special group of people who have taken control of their well being, finances and future. Your income &lifestyle potential with Panchatatva  Cosmetics & Herbal Pvt Ltd are yours to determine.Thousands of others like you have achieved success with Panchatatva Cosmetics & Herbal Pvt Ltd. You can do it!

You can feel proud of being a part of the company that is experiencing remarkable vitality. Panchatatva Cosmetics & Herbal Pvt Ltd is bigger, better and stronger than ever before. As we grow the heart of Panchatatva Cosmetics & Herbal Pvt Ltd remains the same as it has for the past 8 years, infused with team spirit & with the attitude of making, simple & magical.

We are on a mission for beauty changing people’s lives one person at a time.

Regardless of your background and job experience you can succeed because we have people just like you who started where you are and now earning substantial incomes. There has been a better time to be a part of Panchatatva Cosmetics & Herbal Pvt Ltd. The opportunity is yours.

Design your future

Get a glimpse of the many wonderful benefits you have the opportunity to earn by becoming a Panchatatva Cosmetics & Herbal Pvt Ltd distributor. Looking & feeling better and earning additional income are just the beginning of the great things to come.

Set Goals

Use the detailed goal work sheet to help you identify what you want out the business. Its easier to identify your goals when you know exactly what they are and then create an action paln to reach them.

Reach your goals

From wealth to well being , you will see there is no limit to your personal or financial potential just like you have tapped into this incredible opportunity. All that’s left is to take action.

As a Panchatatva Cosmetics & Herbal Pvt Ltd independent distributor you have the opportunity to

  • Earn additional income each month
  • Be your own boss
  • Work from home or office
  • Work part time or full time
  • Have more time for family, friends & leisure activities
  • Achieve personal growth & recognition
  • Have the time & money to enjoy things in life


Use the product because once you start using the products everyday :-

You’ll get results which you can share with others. You’ll notice you look good and feel good which will give you confidence in the products and make it easier to recommend them to others. You will become ‘a product of the products ‘. People will notice the change in you and ask you how you did it.

The best way to create Panchatatva's product lovers is to become a product lover yourself.

Take your before & after photos

What will make your success stories even more powerful are your before & after photos. Not only will they help capture your products results story but they make great advertisement for your business.

If you don’t take your before photo now, before you start using the products you may never get the opportunity again. Have you heard the saying ‘ A picture is worth a thousand words ?’ In this case your ‘Before ‘ photo could be worth thousands of rupees.

How to talk to people ?

Personal care

  • Are you serious about looking better & improving your skin?
  • What kind of results are you looking for?
  • What are you using now?

Business Opportunity

  • Are you serious about earning additional income?
  • How much income would you like to earn?
  • How much have you tried before?

Talk to everyone. Don’t assume someone won’t be interested . Sometimes the best customers & distributors come from the most unlikely prospects.

Share your success story is a simple way to introduce the Panchatatva Cosmetics & Herbal Pvt Ltdproducts & business opportunity to prospects . Remember results sell! Be enthusiastic show excitement & energy. Enthusiasm is contagious


Now that you know what to say , here’s what who to talk to :-

People you know

The easiest people to talk to are the people who you know, your family, friends, work associates and leisure acquaintances. Why? Because they know you and they have a level of trust and influence with them.

This is your Circle of Influence and this is a great place to start your business.These are the people you are comfortable with. These are the people you will want to talk to about Panchatatva Ayurvedic.

Reach your goals

To reach your goals you need to to be consistent about how you use and talk about the product. Each step requires its own level of commitment & effort in order to reap the rewards. Naturally it takes some hard work today to generate the rewards you will earn tomorrow but those rewards can be well worth the efforts.

Take action to get you started !